Antarctica – Quick Update

Happy New Year from an Antarctica Native


I just arrived back in far southern Chile after an incredible trip to the Antarctic Peninsula, Elephant Island, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, and am leaving in the morning for 4 days in Tierra Del Fuego (another ship), including a visit at Cape Horn (the southernmost point of South America) – weather permitting.

Enjoy these pictures


Gentoo Penguin

Two curious King Penguin Chicks – we’re supposed to stay 5 meters away from them, but they obviously didn’t get the memo.

This is one small part of the world’s largest (King) Penguin Colony – 150,000 Breeding Pairs (If we can believe our guides)- what a racket

A young Elephant Seal – they molt anually, and look pretty ratty.

Fur Seal

Gentoo Penguin and two chicks

Fin Whale right next to the ship – amazing !

The lighting was incredible

Author: George Basch

George Basch (aka Curious George) has circled the globe as an Adventurer, Explorer, Photographer and a Creative Entrepreneurial Businessman. He’s been on all seven continents, and in more countries than he’s taken the time to count, and is still going strong as an explorer / adventurer after celebrating his 81st birthday in March 2018. Click here to read more about George

14 thoughts on “Antarctica – Quick Update

  1. George,

    What a great adventure!! Chapeau Chapeau🎩🎩Where to next? Let’s discuss! 😊😊

    Happy 2019!! Lore

    1. Thanks. This has been an incredible adventure, and I have some “interesting” thoughts for a follow-up. If not now, when? Yes indeed, lets discuss.

  2. George,

    Just love following your great adventure. Where to next! Let’s discuss 😁😁😁

    Happy 2019!!


  3. George the photos are wonderful and this trip looks like all the experiences you wanted and more! Happy 2019 and I’ll see you mid-Winter.

    1. Thanks Lauren, and a wonderful year to all of you. There were some delightful, engaging South Africans on out ship. Glad I could speak the language.

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