Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe & Zambia

The trip is going wonderfully –

Namibia, Botswana and now Zimbabwe.

Almost one month of non-stop adventure.

There are many, many pictures and experiences to share, but at the moment I’ll just show quick images of splendid Victoria Falls.

When things slow down a bit I’ll share more wonderful experiences with you.

Author: George Basch

George Basch (aka Curious George) has circled the globe as an Adventurer, Explorer, Photographer and a Creative Entrepreneurial Businessman. He’s been on all seven continents, and in more countries than he’s taken the time to count, and is still going strong as an explorer / adventurer after celebrating his 81st birthday in March 2018. Click here to read more about George

13 thoughts on “Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe & Zambia

  1. Keep these updates coming, George. Cindy and I leave on October 1 for our month in NYC. What kind of camera are you using? With warm regards from Steve and Cindy!

  2. Michael and I absolutely loved meeting you George. You’re remarkable in so many ways and I’ll keep up with your travels on here. I hope that your adventures are more magnificent every day.
    With fond wishes from both of us,
    Michael and Sasha

    1. Thanks, Sasha (and Michael) – I got your note today. Very nice to meet you also. working on a new post right now

  3. Thanks, Barbara – you and Paul are an inspiration (AND good friends also) – looking forward to seeing you when I get back (in January).

  4. Thanks, Ann. Just finishing the next post. LOTS of pictures. I’ll pass on the implant, but thanks for the idea 🙂

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