Cape Agulhas



You can’t get any further south on the African Continent than Cape Agulhas where the the cold Southern Atlantic and the warm Indian Ocean currents meet, but not always there.

They do meet, somewhere of course – sometimes at Cape Town (or even further to the west); sometimes at Cape Aguhlas (or even further east), depending on the weather gods, so it’s “true” that there are many points where the two oceans meet.

Picture quality really sucks – the blue sign reads “Indian Ocean” (on the left and “Atlantic Ocean” on the right.

But the TRUE southernmost geographic point of Africa is at Cape Agulhas, where these pictures were taken.

This you might be able to read (the upper part is Africans – you’re not losing it) and the lower part is English.

First discovered and named by the Dutch in the 1500’s as they pioneered the shipping route to Asia for the Dutch East Indian Company, it’s a treacherous place with a long history of wrecks.


Author: George Basch

George Basch (aka Curious George) has circled the globe as an Adventurer, Explorer, Photographer and a Creative Entrepreneurial Businessman. He’s been on all seven continents, and in more countries than he’s taken the time to count, and is still going strong as an explorer / adventurer after celebrating his 81st birthday in March 2018. Click here to read more about George

7 thoughts on “Cape Agulhas

  1. You made it! End of the road in Africa. You’ll get to see something similar in South America as well. What an amazing journey you’ve been on so far and you’re just getting started. You’re an inspiration to us all young man.

    1. It only took two months and a day – went shark cage diving today (post to follow); then to Cape Town for a few and on the 15th to Patagonia. Cape Horn will be at the very end – early January. The experiences are great, but the people I’m meeting is the real highlight.

  2. Outstanding photographs. Will you be attending the AAC meeting in SF in March? Next question, tell us a bit about your photo gear. Your pictures of the African mammals were quite professional. What is the resolution of the originals?

    We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco,
    Steve and Cindy

    1. Yes, I’ll be in San Francisco. I’m using a Lumix (Panasonic) with a built-in Leica vario zoom 24-480. It’s the most recent one – third one I’ve had, and they get progressively better with each new model. Don’t know the resolution/pixel count, and I shoot jpeg (used in the blogs) and RAW files for later work. The jpegs average 4mb. I like the lumix because its versatile and with the fixed zoom I’m not tempted to lug aroun extra, unnecessary, seldom used, heavy equipment.

  3. Hi George,

    What a great adventure! I have been to some of places you have seen and your posts bring back great memories. Keep going, keep posting and most of all keep enjoying yourself. Cheers, Lore

    1. Memories and new experiences are two of the important things we get to cherish in our lives. Arriving in Cape Town this afternoon, and will be visiting a Jackass Penguin colony at Betty’s bay as I wander west. Thanks for following along from half a world away. Cheers to you too !

  4. There are wonderful places all over this great planet, Connie. Let’s hope we can keep it together. Thanks for following along. Cheers.

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